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Nexball!! Contest!! Servers!!
01-21-2009, 08:12 PM (This post was last modified: 01-23-2009 12:57 AM by -z-.)
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Nexball!! Contest!! Servers!!
Sorry for the late update, been doing a lot of traveling and swapping of computer hardware, upgrades and work for clients as well as a bit of time for myself. For those of you thank hang around [url=]IRC[/url] or just active participants on the [url=]Nexuiz Ninjaz Servers[/url] I'm sure you're quite aware of the things I'm about to mention but keep reading if you'd like to know more about them.

First off, we got MrBougo's [url=]Recode of Revenant's famouse Nexball[/url] which brings sports into [url=]Nexuiz[/url]. The two main styles consist of soccer like game play (pushing the ball with your player) and basketball like game play (holding the ball in a gun and firing at will (watch out, enemies can steal from you!). You can try this game mode out without any changes to your client by connecting to the Nexuiz Ninjaz nexball server (optionally filter by nexball in game on the server list).

Next up, we've got some news about the [url=]contest[/url] which [b]is over in less than a month!!![/b] The deadline for submissions is [b]Feburary 15[/b].

Soulbringer had started converting some custom quake 3 maps to be played in Nexuiz, unfortunately some of the shaders weren't working properly / didn't exist so alphagod was kind enough to recreate them! He's created a whole mess of maps which are available for play on the Nexuiz Ninjaz servers. [url=]His CTF conversions[/url] and [url=]DM conversation[/url] threads. There has also been [url=]tons of new stuff in Mapjutsu[/url] I don't really have time to cover at the moment.

As I said before I've been busy working on the servers. The Nexuiz Ninjaz servers run off a unique set of bash scripts that I've built around some conventions and perl scripts divVerent has created. I plan on releasing them in the near future once I reach my goals for the project and give it some testing... so far so good, there are a few show-stoppers I need to tie up before I release them to the public though.

This script framework is extendable and quite easy to understand, it practices the methodology of convention over configuration. Meaning, most things are automagic :). These scripts also tie into a Web frontend I've been working on to manage the servers without having to login to the servers the classic way. This also for quicker more accurate moderation. More details on all these things in the future.

I'm quite tired at the moment but I wanted to share some progress with you all because it's been a while. There has been a lot more going on behind the scenes and as always, I'd like to show my appreciation to all the ninjaz (or nexuizians too cool to call themselves ninja). I couldn't have brought this community as far as it's gotten today without your help and common goals and understanding.

Thanks to all the supporters and players who make Nexuiz and its sub-communities great.
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01-24-2009, 02:36 PM
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RE: Nexball!! Contest!! Servers!!
I know what you mean being too busy . I have recently overloaded myself by by not knowing i was going to be busy . right now i have 3 maps in the works i dont have time for . the temple of Austinino and Faustina , A texture project for a DM conversion for Cortez , and a nexball map . The temple map I really want to enter in the contest but afraid it might not happen . Cortez dm conversion which is being a pain due to lights not wanting to work right , they want to leak so i have to redo them all before i cant test the textures . The nexball map which is a mayan basketball theme .

I hope to see the auto magic codes soon . it sounds like a great advancement in the game . be patient it will happen . good ideas z . keep it up
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