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So it's been a while
09-26-2009, 11:02 AM (This post was last modified: 09-26-2009 11:11 AM by -z-.)
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So it's been a while
It's been a while since I've last posted. I've been pretty busy with different projects and focusing on different aspects of Nexuiz when I can. I was hoping to come back from this drought with an announcement of the release of 2.5.2 but [url=]as you can see[/url], alientrap is having a little trouble getting the final product out the door. [url=]Beta builds[/url] have been around for a while, and various developers are at different points in testing, focusing on different areas.

The [url=]Nexuiz Ninjaz Servers[/url] run close to latest SVN but it's not always up to date. Dokujisan runs a tight ship on [url=]HOCTF[/url] and tastefully applies changes. He puts a lot of time into these servers and currently I think they represent one of the strongest cultures within the Nexuiz community.

The new version of Nexuiz features a lot of neat changes, which I'll cover in finer detail in the future. Some of the highlights that I find most interesting are the added effects/motion blur, the new tutorial map to help situate new users (or mildly entertain veterans) and the new HUD.

Vermeulen, the man who started [url=]Alientrap[/url] has been recently promoting a new 2d game (windows/xbox only) called [url=]capsized[/url].

I've been keeping tabs on Nexuiz in a reserved manor recently but like a ninja, I've been taking note as to where this community currently stands and envision a stronger more streamlined future. Through my new job, I've been exercising my web and computer discipline. Working with Linux in many different environments, on many different devices, my understanding has evolved. I plan to use these skills to benefit the Nexuiz community by revisiting and expanding on old projects in a way I find easier to manage to keep the projects progressing. A lot of this has been put off awaiting the next release so I can get the servers stable and rework the code that runs them. The other thing I need is the time :).

Back to Nexuiz, The [url=]Official Nexuiz Website[/url] has gone through some behind the scenes changes and we're considering connecting with sister site run by Dokujisan, [url=][/url]. All bloggers at Nexuiz News have the chance to become an official writer for News, doubling their exposure and helping the Nexuiz community.

The [url=]facebook group for Nexuiz[/url] has been growing and [url=]Nexuiz Ninjaz group[/url] has formed. As always, you can find the most active in the community on [url=]IRC[/url].
Inspire your neighbor, they'll inspire you back.

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