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[Game Theory] How I Understand Desert Castles
11-09-2008, 12:32 AM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2008 12:38 AM by -z-.)
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[Game Theory] How I Understand Desert Castles
[size=x-large]Desert Castles[/size]


[url=]Download Here[/url]

Desert Castles is one of the greatest Nexuiz maps many players have never taken the time to figure out or enjoy. It's large and intimidating map with scarce pickups and slow doors. If you don' t know how to bunny hop, you may find this map is huge, frustrating and a waste of time. If do know how to bunny hop, you may find this map more manageable but still frustrating because of the scarcity of the health and armor. You may easily find yourself in a Nv1 (where N is >=1 opponents) and lose five minutes worth of hard work, obtaining weapons and armor.

The key to this map is the physics in Nexuiz. Learning how to use your weapons to gain momentum and altitude, perhaps in combination with the hook will put you on the fast track to not only victory but understanding Nexuiz on a deeper level. Thinking of Nexuiz in rhythm is important to your success on any map. By strafe jumping, circle jumping and bunny hopping, you are conserving or gaining momentum without inflicting damage on yourself. These tactics used in combination with the hook and your (damaging but sometimes necessary) laser, mortar and rocket launcher will keep you in the flow. Think of this as a dance.

Desert Castles is all our favorite concepts amplified. I believe people just get caught up in the great amount of detail mikeeusa puts into his maps but it's made up of simple concepts like. For instance, you can stack your health up to 999 in the basement by timing the healths correctly. There are only three mega-armors (100 armor) on this map, only one of which you're probably ever use, this one's in the middle, you should grab it whenever you can (if you don't have another priority at the moment like getting away from an enemy who's tailing you while you have the flag). There are two invulnerabilities, one behind the mound of each base. Depending on the situation... you use any combination of these things to gain the strength to attack.

Your machine gun is a quiet key to unlock the slow doors. One secondary bullet will be hard for the enemy to notice and doesn't cost you much. While you wait for that slow door to open (say on the roof), you can grab the electro, timed right with the hook, you can pull yourself into a slide undermeath the door. It's important to note that you cannot crouch while hooking, you'll have to hook and release at your highest velocity. Once in, I'd usually recommend going to the basement for a quick stack before you attack. Dependent upon what your teammates are doing, how confident you're feeling and what the enemy is up to give yourself a nice number between 200 and 999.

One stacked, try and go as fast as you can back up the stairs, using the mg and hook slide technique, hurry through the two faster wooden doors to the "altar room" where you can stop your health from draining further. Your next challenge is one that needs practice. You must race "the oh shit factor". "The oh shit factor" is that little thing that surrounds the flag and makes your heart drop. Many good maps have this. In Facing Worlds, it's the statue that you sometimes miss and get stuck on. In Basement CTF, it's the ceiling that catches you if you laser too high In Desert Castles, it's the trap. The spikes that drop from the ceiling operated by your enemy (or silly teammate). You can fire a shot at the window where the enemy sees you to kill you... but beware, too big of a force and you'll set off the trigger killing yourself with the trap. After you grab the flag, mg bullet hook slide back out the wooden doors (maybe picking up health from the alter room first). Do your little dance up the spiral mg bullet to the door, continuing the dance to the mortar, peak some views to check the scene from the windows in the tower, then head out to the mound behind the castle and (hopefully) pick up the invulnerability shield. Cannon yourself back to the base, catch a tower with the hook and spiral swing yourself to the top of your base. Repeat the steps above everything else is gravy.

I did not write this article to start a flamewar. Please don't bother responding if you have nothing positive to say about this map. If you hate it or have bad things to say about the author, you don't belong in this thread. This is for players who are looking to get more out of [url=]the greatest free game I've ever played, Nexuiz[/url].
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11-09-2008, 07:39 AM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2008 12:08 PM by Medjay Penguin.)
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RE: [Game Theory] How I Understand Desert Castles
This is my favorite map, it has -like you said before- everything, i once had a record but the server restarted and it was never the same...
But it is an awesome map, i once had to talk to 3 teammates to tell them the way out of there, a bit chaotic...
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04-05-2009, 08:10 PM
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RE: [Game Theory] How I Understand Desert Castles
Thanks for reviewing this :D.
This is the kind of review that other mapping communities have, it's nice to see such a thing in nexuiz.
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